Chrome AND Firefox Now Redirect .dev Domains to HTTPS

I just spent several hours trying to find out why my virtual domains  were redirecting to https on XAMPP when just last week everything was fine.  I had experimented with doing a security certificate for my local development sites, so I thought maybe that had something to do with it.  However, I backed out all my changes last week and so there shouldn’t have been any issues.  I was searching everywhere with XAMPP thinking I had broken something.

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Datepicker and Usability on a Mobile Device

I’m currently working on redesigning a website for a hair salon in Atlanta Georgia by using WordPress, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery, etc.  The site currently is not responsive and it is looking very dated and I am working to bring it into the 21st century.

One of the things that too many web developers forget about while developing is usability and UI/UX TESTING.  Oh – they make sure their code works, but often times forget about whether it provides a good user experience. I on the other hand, am CONSTANTLY TESTING the UI/UX design.  As I make changes I test it on various browsers and ON ACTUAL PHONES.  One thing I have seen developers ignore is the testing on the actual phones.Continue reading

Extending Bootstrap 4.0 Beta 3

I have been experimenting with Bootstrap 4.0 Beta 2 and there seems to have been a lot of questions on how to extend this new version.  While this may not be final or the only way to do it – this is what I have come up with so far.  Here we will set up _custom_variables.scss and _custom_mixns.scss files that modify or extend the default Bootstrap and then use these variables and functionality within our own styles.scss file.  I will show you how to modify default Bootstrap variables such as $blue, and add a new custom color which will not only be reflected in our custom Bootstrap, but then can also be accessed from our own styles.scss file.  In addition we will create a mixin to create a gradient for the background.  Finally we will add a new size variable that we will then be able to access in our styles.scss file.  What we will ultimately end up with is something that looks like the graphic above.Continue reading

Customizing Bootstrap 4.0 Beta 2 – Overriding Default Theme Colors

I’m currently working to get up to speed on the latest version of Bootstrap which is currently Bootstrap 4.0.0 Beta-2 and I don’t want to use their predefined colors – such as “blue” for primary, “gray” for secondary, etc. I wanted to be able to customize the color scheme.   Finding out how to exactly do this wasn’t the easiest thing.  It seems there are a lot of pieces out there, but nothing that defines exactly how to do it.  What also made it difficult was the fact that this is just Beta and so there have been changes. The way to customize the theme in Bootstrap 4.0 Alpha is completely different in Beta. After trial and error it seems I got it to work properly.Continue reading

Gulp Website Homepage

What is Gulp and How to Use It for Web Development –
Setting Up Gulp

When I developed my first website in 1995 there wasn’t much involved – it was basically just HTML with a few animated GIFs, text and links.  There wasn’t even CSS to worry  about and no JavaScript.  Today that is NOT the case.  Today not only do we have HTML, CSS and Javascript, but we also have SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular, TypeScript, minification, concatenation, image optimization and the list goes on and on.  All these extras require tasks to be run either to compile into what the browser will understand as is the case with SASS, LESS and Typescript. Or perform a specific action such as minification. In addition, the task can also be to simply add a specific library or framework that we always use in our website such as jQuery. This is where using Gulp comes in.Continue reading

Changing a WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS

I have had to move two WordPress sites from HTTP to HTTPS (  and and both times I ran into the same problem – the site going into an infinite redirect.  There was a key piece that was missed and not well documented so I figured I would put those steps down here and hopefully not only help myself in the future, but others as well.Continue reading

Eclipse Aptana Plugin Perspective Page

Eclipse + Aptana Suite Plugin

Well for years I’ve used Dreamweaver, not only to design sites, but also to write PHP code.  Well with doing Zend Framework and OOP  and getting serious with PHP, Dreamweaver just doesn’t cut it as a code editor anymore.  Dreamweaver is great at doing webdesign, which is what it’s primary function is and I will continue to use it for that, but for PHP coding, I will now be using Eclipse with the Aptana Plugin.

One thing I was very impressed with was Eclipse’s complete melding with the PHP language, and the code I am developing.  It is a great way to learn about various PHP functions and interestingly enough – the Zend Framework since I am now working with that.Continue reading