Datepicker and Usability on a Mobile Device

I’m currently working on redesigning a website for a hair salon in Atlanta Georgia by using WordPress, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery, etc.  The site currently is not responsive and it is looking very dated and I am working to bring it into the 21st century.

One of the things that too many web developers forget about while developing is usability and UI/UX TESTING.  Oh – they make sure their code works, but often times forget about whether it provides a good user experience. I on the other hand, am CONSTANTLY TESTING the UI/UX design.  As I make changes I test it on various browsers and ON ACTUAL PHONES.  One thing I have seen developers ignore is the testing on the actual phones.Continue reading

Trenton 1784

I’m currently working on a new website for a client –  A lot of what I would like to do requires JQuery.  I would like to make it much more “interactive”.  For instance, on the main page there is the vignette.  Each day a photo with description will be displayed on the main page.  There could be about 55 vignettes total. Continue reading