Sublime Text 3 – ImportError: No module named ‘package_control’ Fix

So I encountered this problem when I tried to install the SCSS package into my Sublime 3 text editor.  For some reason when I went into the Package Control – which I have had set up for years – it wasn’t installing the package. 

Trying to install the SCSS Package…

Go into package control (preferences-package-control)…

Sublime Text3 Preferences - Package Control menu item

Sublime Text3 Package Control Popup

click on “Package Control: List Packages” and I would even be able to select the one I wanted – “SCSS”. But then it wouldn’t do anything.

Sublime Text3 Package Control List - SCSSit



The Error – ImportError: No module named ‘package_control’…

I went into “View – Show Console”

Sublime Text3 - View - Show Console menu item

and I noticed it was giving me the following error “ImportError: No module named ‘package_control’../

Sublime Text3 - No Module Named 'Control Package'


Possible Solutions…

I searched around on the web to see if there was a way to fix this and most were the answer of “uninstall and reinstall” variety or were –  in my mind – overly-complicated fixes.  I found the following solutions along with several others that seemed promising…

Package control not working
Problem with package control ST3

This one seemed like it might work…

WBond – GitHub – ImportError: No module named ‘package_control’

I just removed "Package Control" from the "ignored_packages" and reload Sublime. And it helped! "Purging and Reinstalling" weren't needed at this time!

and pointed to a possible answer…

Package Control – Troubleshooting – Purging and Reinstalling

Sublime Text3 Purging Reinstalling Package Control

But my settings file did not have in the ignore list “Package Control”, instead it had the following…


	[	"0_package_control_loader",

What worked…

After looking further and coming up with nothing I decided I would just remove the “0_package_control_loader” from the “ignored_packages”  by going into “Preferences – Settings” and editing the “Preferences.sublime-settings—user”. NOTE: Sublime will open up both the default and the user file side-by-side. You can only make changes to the user file.


Sublime Text3 - Preferences - Settings menu item

And so I changed my file to this (note that yours may be different)…

	[	"ASP",

I went through the process of installing the SCSS package again through Package Control and received NO errors. I looked under “View – Syntax” and SUCCESS! SCSS was now listed as an available syntax.

Sublime Text3 View Syntax SCSS menu item

I didn’t have to purge anything, I didn’t have uninstall anything – all I simply had to do was remove one line from settings and restart Sublime Text 3 and it worked.

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awesome thank you

zubeen Khan

this is the only working solution, thank you buddy!


It works! Tks!!


Thank you su much for your solution! It really helped me !This is the only working solution


you are awesome!!! I have been trying all the “solutions” found from internet for an hour, yours is the only one working!!!