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What is Gulp and How to Use It for Web Development –
Setting Up Gulp

When I developed my first website in 1995 there wasn’t much involved – it was basically just HTML with a few animated GIFs, text and links.  There wasn’t even CSS to worry  about and no JavaScript.  Today that is NOT the case.  Today not only do we have HTML, CSS and Javascript, but we also have SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular, TypeScript, minification, concatenation, image optimization and the list goes on and on.  All these extras require tasks to be run either to compile into what the browser will understand as is the case with SASS, LESS and Typescript. Or perform a specific action such as minification. In addition, the task can also be to simply add a specific library or framework that we always use in our website such as jQuery. This is where using Gulp comes in.Continue reading