Getting Multiple Computer Books to Learn a Programming Language

I’m not sure how everyone else learns a new programming language, but I will share my years of knowledge with anyone who is wanting to get into computer programming.

As you can see from reading the posts, although I haven’t posted in a while, is that I am currently trying to conquer Zend Framework and AJAX, using JQuery, DOJO, Prototype, YUI or other toolkit. I find I have to immerse myself in the language, reading the chapters ahead, highlighting, doing the samples, trying to apply it to my own project. The more resources I have, the better.

This is currently my Zend Framework reading list (and yes, I am referencing ALL of these books at the same time)…

  • Zend Framework 1.8 – Web Application Development
  • Zend Framework in Action
  • Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP
  • Pro Zend Framework Techniques
  • Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework

You may be wondering why I use all these books, well the goal is to FULLY understand the language. By using multiple books, I get to see how different ways people use to  solve the same problem.  For instance, in terms of Zend, each book demonstrates their own unique subdirectory structure.  One book, uses modules, while others don’t.  By learning these different techniques, I can see what will work for me.  I like the Module concept, because I believe in the separation of code.  When I was going through the Practical  Web 2.0 Applications book, they didn’t mention the use of modules.

The books also give different examples – which is a benefit.  For instance, in a previous post I mentioned how I wanted to use ReCAPTCHA instead of the PEAR CAPTCHA that is used in Practical Web 2.0 Applications book.  Well, skimming through my books, I discovered that Pro Zend Framework Techniques shows how to incorporate ReCAPTCHA using Zend_Service_ ReCaptcha on page 197, which is what I prefer to use.

Finally, a lot of times it just makes it easy to understand a concept.  If in one book, the concept seems complicated, another book may make it crystal clear and I have that “light bulb” moment.  I have a huge library of computer books and I continue to add to it.  With the web it has made it even easier, because now I can look up information on various developer sites. Even though the web has a ton of resources, I still think  for in depth information,  books are invaluable.

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8 years ago

Thanks for writing an excellent article Robert . Now I know why you have deep understanding and knowledge of any topic you discuss or explain.