About Me

Having over twenty years experience in Information Systems Development, I have designed and developed various systems within a multitude of industries using various relational databases and development languages. In the last several years I have been heavily involved in developing web-based applications and websites using PHP, ASP and .NET, SQL Server and MySQL. For the front-end I have extensive knowledge with JQuery, Javascript, HTML and CSS and working to get sites to work across a wide range of browsers. I have also incorporated the Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter APIs into a number of websites I have worked on.

In the past during my contract with Merck, I was the lead developer on two web, JSP based applications and two PowerBuilder applications. In the past, the majority of projects have involved extensive Object Oriented Programming and development using PowerBuilder, with various databases as the backend. Some of these projects included an Accounts Payable System for the Department of Defense, a Transmission Line Maintenance Application for Bonneville Power Administration and a dynamic reporting system for Independence Blue Cross.

Some of the key skills I have developed from working within such diverse industries are my ability to quickly understand the requirements, the application and the business. This enables me to get up to speed more quickly, and to ultimately make suggestions that will make the completed system easier to use. I have also worked within a multitude of business environments as well as with a wide range of users, technical personnel and managers.